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Adjustable Torque Wind Turbine US-5MA

  • 离合式风批(定扭) Product category: Clutch type wind batch (fixed twist)
  • product brand:
  • 可调扭力风批US-5MA Product model: Adjustable torque wind batch US-5MA
  • 工业高精密定扭组装的螺栓螺帽的拧紧或拆卸作业。 Product use: tightening or disassembling bolts and nuts of industrial high-precision fixed-torque assembly.
  • 螺栓能力:5-6mm 扭力范围:3.4-7.8Nm 空载转速:1400rpm 机身直径:40mm 全长:250mm 重量:1.12kg Product parameters: Bolt capacity: 5-6mm Torque range: 3.4-7.8Nm No-load speed: 1400rpm Body diameter: 40mm Full length: 250mm Weight: 1.12kg
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用途: Use of adjustable torque wind batch :
1. Suitable for high-throughput, high-precision screw tapping.
2. It is suitable for high-precision mass-production industrial assembly and assembly that requires torque, such as home appliances, electronic appliances, instruments, toys, furniture, hardware molds, plastic molds, motorcycles, bicycles, small and medium-sized engines, and various spare parts.

特点: Adjustable torque wind batch features:
1. Accurate torque control, high accuracy, high work efficiency and stable torque output. When the preset torque is reached, the air will stop or slip automatically, which effectively protects the workpiece and the bolt and nut from damage, and precisely determines the torque.
2. Starting method:
A. Touch type (full-automatic): Start by the top screw head of the wind batch and stop automatically when the preset torque is reached. (efficient)
B. Push-type / trigger type (semi-automatic): press the switch trigger to start, and automatically stop when the torque is reached or the clutch slips. (Suitable for self-tapping)
3. Adjustable torque design, easy to operate.
A. External adjustment: You can adjust the torque directly on the machine without taking any tools or disassembling the machine.
B. Internal adjustment type: Need to match tools or simply disassemble machine parts to adjust torque. (More suitable for industrial use)
4. When the torque reaches:
A. Non-automatic air cut-off type: Automatically idling and slipping when reaching the preset torque clutch to protect the workpiece from damage (more suitable for self-tapping).
B. Automatic gas-breaking type: automatic gas-breaking when reaching the preset torque, in addition to protecting the workpiece, the torque is more accurate. (More suitable for mechanical teeth)
5. The core parts are professionally heat treated to make the overall performance of the product stronger.
6. Ergonomic design, it is not easy to feel tired after using the hand for a long time.

This machine is trigger-driven, internally adjusted torque, non-automatic air-break type.

Product parameters:
MA Model number: US-5 MA
Bolt capacity: 5-6mm
Torque range: 3.4-7.8Nm
No-load speed: 1400rpm
Body diameter: 40mm
Full length: 250mm
Weight: 1.12kg

提供台湾BOOXT波世特气动工具,可调扭力风批US-5MA系列厂家直销,首件享特价。 Dongguan Qiangqiang Hardware Tools Co., Ltd. provides Taiwan BOOXT Bosch special pneumatic tools, adjustable torque wind approved US-5MA series factory direct sales, the first one enjoy special price. Consulting Hotline: 4008301980

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