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Wind trigger BT-3621R

  • 枪式气动扳手-中大 Product Category: Pneumatic Wrench-Zhongda
  • BOOXT波世特 Product Brand: BOOXT
  • BT-3621R(BX-MINI-D) Product model: BT-3621R (BX-MINI-D)
  • 机械狭窄部位螺栓拆装 Product use: Disassembly and assembly of bolts in narrow parts of machinery
  • 方头尺寸:1/2";螺丝能力:14mm;转速:11000rpm;扭力:680Nm;长度:99mm;重量:1.36kg;耗气量:0.61立方米/分钟;工作压力:0.63Mpa;推荐使用内径8mm气管;建议配合空气调理组使用 Product parameters: square head size: 1/2 "; screw capacity: 14mm; speed: 11000rpm; torque: 680Nm; length: 99mm; weight: 1.36kg; air consumption: 0.61 cubic meters / minute; working pressure: 0.63Mpa; recommended Use an 8mm inner diameter air pipe; it is recommended to use with air conditioning group
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What is the role of pneumatic grinders in hardware tools?
Pneumatic grinders in hardware tools, also known as pneumatic angle grinders, also called pneumatic polishers, things have different characteristics, but many people give the same thing to a different "name" Different. ...
How to adjust the speed of pneumatic tools
Under normal circumstances, pneumatic tool products are equipped with a gear switch, or equipped with an additional gas valve, these are intuitive components to adjust the speed of the tool. ...
Do you know the pneumatic screwdriver at work?
A screwdriver has an elongated housing with a plurality of longitudinal pipes, each pipe having a longitudinal slot that opens the pipe toward an outer surface of the housing. A plurality of screwdrivers are slidably arranged one-to-one in each pipe. ...

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Model: BT-3621R (old model: BX-MINI-D)
Square head size: 1/2 ";
Screw capacity: 14mm;
Speed: 11000rpm;
Torque: 680Nm;
Length: 99mm;
Weight: 1.36kg;
Air consumption: 0.61 cubic meters / minute;
Working pressure: 0.63Mpa;
It is recommended to use an 8mm inner diameter trachea;
Recommended for use with air conditioning units
In normal use, you should add more pneumatic oil for maintenance. If possible, you should install a triple piece (oil-water separator) to let it automatically refuel when it works

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